Friday, July 17, 2009


Sawadeekha! Wow... Our time with the girls at SHE flew by so quickly! Today was our last day in Phuket:( We started the day out with devos. (It was my turn) I started out saying "Sawadeekha!" and our translator decided to just start translating my Thai to English. I decided to go with the flow and test out my new and extensive Thai vocabulary by saying all the phrases I knew..."Hello!" and "How are you?" That was a pretty great way to start out the day.

Mark took our team to a woman's house to "help with some gardening," which turned out to be Thai for the phrase "jungle whacking." Although it was grubby work, we made it through and had the privelage of praying for the woman and her family.

For lunch we had TWO Thai girls from the bars come and eat with us! We were so happy to see them come. I feel such a connection with some of the girls working in Patong. They have become friends to us, and if I had my way I would take them by the hand and lead them out of Patong. Leaving Patong (as dark and evil as it is) was so much tougher than I anticipated. It was hard to leave our new friends in a place like that. I know that we planted seeds, though. Please keep praying for these women and the men who are creating the demand for them.

WE'RE COMING HOME SOON! Seems like just yesterday we flew into Bangkok, and now we're back! I'm glad to be back at YWAM. Pray for safe travels for the team coming back to the states. Sawadeekha!

~Kyla (the Thai translator.)

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  1. Team Thailand, thank-you so much for your giving of yourselves while there. From all the blogs you have experienced some pretty intense things. Thanks for reaching out and sharing your friendships with who you could in Patong. Your time was not wasted and out Father will send others to water, fertilize and havest the seeds you have planted and cultivated.
    You all have taught me something, too. I have two other mission groups i am praying for in their trips later this summer. Your blog has helped me to dig deeper and pray specific prayers and not just the general stuff. It has been a joy to read the entries to see how everyone is doing and to see a slice of Thailand through your eyes. THANK-YOU. You continue to be in my prayers. jill :)